Wine Tasting TIps

  • Wine tours in Cape Town are open to everyone, so even if you feel you do not have the prior knowledge, this is not a problem. Our first tip is to let go of your fears and open yourself to a whole new world. Wineries are located away from city life in quaint estates and at least one day of your holiday in Cape Town should be spent in this environment.
  • Go with a smaller tour group, so that you may get more individualized attention. Also, share the experience with people close to you, to make memories to last a lifetime.
  • Come in comfy clothing, and this extends to footwear as well. A fair bit of walking is required on wine tours in Cape Town, as tours extend from cellars to the vineyards.
  • Open up to new wines even if this has not really been to your taste in the past. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that you enjoy many other wine types. This is the perfect opportunity to do so, as you will be in the company of people who are experts in the field and are sure to lead you in the right direction.
  • Spitting out wine is totally acceptable during wine tours in Cape Town. Of course guests also have the option of swallowing and enjoying the wine to its fullest. Some people do prefer to swirl the wine in their mouth after sipping, to get an idea of its taste but to not swallow, hence the spitting. The problem lies in not being fully cognitive to get the full scope of the wines throughout the day and the concern of getting inebriated when too much of wine goes down. This is not a concern for driving as wine tours in Cape Town are done with a guide who handle this aspect.
  • Have yourself a healthy breakfast and lunch when going for wine tours in Cape Town. This is going to help by absorbing the alcohol. Also remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • The smell and taste of other factors lead to a below par wine tasting session. Perfumes and heavily scented lotions will distract from getting the full smell of the wine. In a similar fashion, breath fresheners and smoking will interfere with the taste of the wine.
  • You may be overloaded with all of the aromas you will be subject to during your wine tasting. This can be combated by sniffing your forearm and giving your nose a sort of a clean start when a new wine comes along for tasting.
  • There are essentially 4 steps to tasting wine. You will be taken through these steps of being able to taste wine like an expert in detail, during wine tours in Cape Town. Once your glass of wine is handed to you, you would look, smell, swirl and then taste it. This is the crux of wine tasting and over time, with this method you will refine your palate to the various wine types.